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Salzburg Travel Guide

Updated: Mar 6

View over Mirabell Gardens looking towards Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Salzburg was put on the map when it was showcased in the classic film Sound of Music. First of all if you haven't seen it, go do it right now! It is iconic for a reason and the opening landscape shots of Austria will convince you to book a flight asap. Even if you aren't a fan of the movie (not sure how thats possible...), Salzburg offers so much more that just a Sound of Music tour. Read on to find out why Salzburg should be added to your upcoming travels!

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How to Get There

On the train from Venice to Salzburg.

We were already over in Europe traveling and were using the Eurail train passes (click here to get more info on these) to get around. We were previously in Venice and took the train from there. I love taking the train instead of flying for a couple reasons. First, it is often more convenient because train stations are located much more centrally in cities than airports are. Second, you get to take in all the sights along the journey. And when you are going through countries like Austria you won't want to miss them!

Where to Stay

Above is a video of the hostel we stayed in. It is in a tricky location (lots and lots of stairs) but it boasts the most amazing views and also doubles as a beer garden! Honestly we were pretty miserable lugging our backpacks up all the stairs to get here (it didn't help it was pouring rain at the time) but the sun came out and we were rewarded with the best views over Salzburg! Our moods instantly improved, the cold beers on the patio helped too!

You can check out this hostel, Stadtalm Naturfreundehaus, by clicking here.

What to Do

1. Do your own walking tour

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, Salzburg is known for its Sound of Music locations (like this one pictured above). You can buy tickets and join in an actual Sound of Music bus tour but we chose to research and plan out our own walking tour. We saved some money but also got to see lots of Salzburg as we roamed from spot to spot.

We started at Mirabell Gardens. They are free to walk through but if you want to visit the accompanying palace you will have to pay.

Just down the street from Mirabell was an outdoor market where we stopped to fuel ourselves with the largest and most delicious strudels! A must while you are in Austria!

From here we crossed the love lock bridge to Residenzplatz to see the famous horse fountain, both pictured below.

I always use Google Maps to save all the spots I want to visit. Then I connect each with walking directions. Sometimes I even print out the finished walking map! It might seem a little rigid for traveling but I like to make sure I have a starting place for exploring. Then we stray from it or stop along the way whenever we want!

2. Visit Hohensalzburg Fortress

The Hohensalzburg Fortress is one of the largest castles in Europe and is set up on a high hill overlooking the city. It has both amazing views and history! We enjoyed exploring the different sections and especially liked the funicular you take to get to the entrance! You can find more info about visiting this landmark here.

3. Day trip to Hallstatt

I HIGHLY recommend visiting Hallstatt if you are staying in Salzburg! This charming lakeside town fulfilled all of my Austrian mountain dreams. You can read more about how we did this day trip in my Day Trip to Hallstatt blog post by clicking here.

Salzburg is a great destination for any traveler! Did you find this blog post inspiring? Helpful? Do you have any other tips to add? Let me know in the comments below!

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