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Day Trip to Hallstatt, Austria

Updated: Mar 6

I knew if we were traveling through Austria that I NEEDED to check out their mountains and lakes. After some quick searches of the area near to Salzburg (where we stayed) it was obvious that Hallstatt was the clear choice. Now, we are from Alberta, Canada and spend lots of our time at home hiking and camping in the Rockies so we have high expectations (literally) for mountains and the lakes contained within them. This region did not disappoint.

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*Also, I partnered with Panorama Tours during my trip but all opinions in this post are my own.

How to Get There

We were staying in Salzburg when we made the trip out to Hallstatt. There are several different options to get to Hallstatt depending on where you are coming from and your budget. I have outlined a couple below:

- The fastest is to book a tour! This way you will have direct (and comfortable) transportation to and from Hallstatt. We booked ours through Panorama Tours. You can visit their website by clicking here. Our bus ride took about 90 min each way and included quick stops at viewpoints for other lakes (Fuschl and Wolfgang).

Taken from the viewpoint at one of our stops on the tour.

- The cheapest is to take public transit. You will need to take a combination of trains and a bus to get to Hallstatt. It takes about 2.5 hours each way.

We were happy we chose the tour. In our opinion, it is well worth the extra money to travel comfortably and save on travel time so you have more time to spend exploring! A lesson we have learned from past travels.

What to Do

1. Rent a boat!

This town is a must-see for its natural beauty. With this in mind, we decided that renting a boat was our best option. It only cost 15 euro for us to rent a little boat for a half hour. We were able to get out into the lake for the most picturesque views looking back on the town. I highly recommend doing the same! To do so, simply head down to the docks and talk to the various rental companies. No need to book ahead.

My handsome boat driver showing me all the sights!

View of the mountain side town from the boat.

2. Visit the old church.

This is a catholic church set up on the hill overlooking the rest of the town. In the cemetery behind, you can pay a fee (1.50 euro) to enter a spooky, but extremely interesting, bone chapel. Yes, you read that right, a bone chapel. Definitely worth a visit while you're exploring!

The old church above the town. Also taken from the boat.

3. Explore the town.

The best part of Hallstatt is that no matter where you wander, you will constantly feel as if you are walking through a fairytale. Take time to stroll aimlessly and appreciate the charming buildings. Bonus points if you do so while sipping a nice ice cold Hallstatt Das Bier!

Charming houses lining the main square.

Much more willing to walk (and take photos) with a beer in his hand!

4. Do the skywalk.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to try this but it also sounds like a great way to se the mountains, lake, and town. You can take a funicular up the mountain side to walk out on the platform. If you're interested, you can read more about this here.

If you still aren't feeling wanderlust for this must-see destination, peruse some more of our photos below. They are sure to make you want to add a trip to Hallstatt to your travel bucket list!

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