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A Guide to the Amalfi Coast

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Since blowing up on Instagram and Pinterest, the Amalfi Coast has risen to the top of most people's travel lists. I was no exception. I spent the months leading up to our trip day dreaming of driving along its gorgeous coast line and getting lost in the maze of streets lined with sorbet coloured buildings. Amalfi lives up to all the hype and honestly, the reality is even better. This place truly is what dreams are made of. Read on to start planning your own trip there!

How to Get There

Since we were using Eurail Passes we took the train from Florence to Naples. Once you get to Naples you have a few different options to get further south towards the Amalfi Coast:

1. The Cheapest - regional train to Sorrento. This is by far the cheapest option, but beware it is also the slowest and most uncomfortable. This train will be jam packed with people and takes over an hour to get to Sorrento because it stops at every. single. station. along the way.

2. The Most Comfortable - shuttle bus to Sorrento. This option is more expensive but will save you time and sanity because it is direct.

3. The Scenic - ferry to Sorrento. This is the most expensive option but definitely the most enjoyable!

*We opted for choice #1 because we were on a tight budget but if I had to do it again I would choose differently. Knowing how long and uncomfortable that regional train is I would dish out for one of the other options.

Where to Stay

You can stay right in some of the small and popular towns of the Amalfi Coast but we chose to stay in Sorrento. It was a great decision! Sorrento is central to all of the places in the area you will most likely be day-tripping to such as Pompeii, Capri, and Amalfi. And honestly, it is a beautiful city all on its own. We stayed at a little bed and breakfast called The Night Guesthouse and we highly recommend it!

How to Get Around

There are many options for travel including buses, ferries, and trains, but my favourite was renting a scooter! Luckily my hubby has a motorcycle back home so we both felt comfortable enough on one to use this mode of transportation on the scary twisting cliffside roads of Amalfi. The main pro of this choice was the freedom to go wherever we wanted and stop whenever we wanted. I felt like we were able to see a lot of the coast in our limited time.

If you don't feel comfortable driving a scooter, then the SITA bus is another good option. It is a local bus that drives up and down the Amalfi Coast with stops at each of the different towns. You can buy a day pass for only 8 euro and this allows you to hop and off as you please. You can find the schedule for this bus here.

Finally, there are also ferry lines that connect each of the towns along the coast. We never used these but information can be found here.

Where to Go and What to See/Do

Where do I even begin?! There are just sooo many things to see and do in this area of Italy!

1. Visit the Towns

Once you head South from Sorrento the first town you will come to is Positano. It is the most well known of the towns and it's easy to see why! Set into the cliffside and full of cute pastel coloured homes, you'll instantly fall in love.

There are so many opportunities for amazing photos but don't get too distracted! Continuing further South you will get to the town of Amalfi next. The namesake of this coast line is also stunning and another must-see.

Amalfi has great beaches but my favourite part was the cathedral in the center of town. So stunning!

*Personally I would plan to spend a whole day exploring these towns, and if you have more time you could even continue further South to the lesser visited towns such as Ravello, which is known for its lemons!

2. Explore Pompeii

Pompeii is another full day excursion and the earlier you start the better! It can get scorching hot while wandering around the ruins so try to beat the heat. We got there at 9am and it was already busy, we waited in line for about 30 min to get in.

It really felt like we had travelled back in time while wandering through Pompeii. You can't be in the area and not stop to see it. If you are a big history buff then you can also check out the other ruins in the area including Hurculaneum.

3. See Capri

I add this to the list with a heavy heart as we never made it over to Capri. We were low on time and cash and decided to head back to Rome without making it out to the island. I hope to return to the area someday soon so I can check it off my travel bucket list.

If you have been dreaming of visiting this magical area of Italy, hopefully this blog post was enough to push you into making the decision to go! If you are just hearing of it, hopefully I inspired you to add it to your own travel bucket list!

Please leave me a quick message to let me know what you think of this post, any suggestions you have for the area, or questions you have!

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