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How to Spend a Day in Nice, France

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

One day is never enough to fully explore a new place, but we were able to cover a lot of ground in Nice! People say I am too planned, but when you are limited in time, being organized can help you hit all the hotspots during a short stay. Hopefully this guide can help you enjoy all Nice has to offer (there's a lot)!


First things first, you need some fuel for the day and when you are in France the best way to do this is with some fresh baking! Head down to the open air market stalls to pick up a pain aux chocolate (or two... or three... no ones judging here) and then stroll around admiring all of the fresh blooms lining the streets. There is no better smell than flowers and bread mixed together!

Once you've curbed your hunger you'll be ready to head up Castle Hill. I suggest doing this fairly early in the day to avoid both the crowds and the heat. It is a bit of a steep walk up and it was nice to do it while it was a little cool out still. Castle Hill is a must while in Nice because of its incomparable views over the city and its beach.

These are the typical pictures but if you continue up the hill and over to the other side you will be rewarded with fantastic views of the harbour!

There are also many walking paths to explore that will take you up to a park at the top and a hidden waterfall! Make sure you give yourself a couple hours to really see all that Castle Hill has to offer.


By the time you finish up with Castle Hill and get back down to the beach you will be in desperate need of something to cool you off. There is nothing better than gelato to do the trick! So head back into the city to find some and enjoy it while strolling along the beautiful streets.

No matter where you wander you can't go wrong. Every street is beautiful! If you still have time, make sure to head back to the beach to soak up some sun and cool off in the ocean.

This was the last thing on our list before heading back to the train station. We honestly had the most perfect time in Nice and highly recommend stopping if your travels take you near by!

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